About Epic Calculator

Epic Calculator is a web application used for solving complex equations

Features of Epic Calculator

The features of Epic Calculator are currently the following:

Central Tendency (List of numbers and/or list of weights)
DNA and Genetic Code(Strands of DNA)

Regular Polygon (Side Length, Apothem, Number of Sides)
Regular Polygon [Alternate] (Side Length, Number of Sides) [Tangent]
Square (Base, Height)
Triangle (Base, Height)
Trapezoid (Base 1, Base 2, Height)
Circle (Radius)
Circle (Diameter)
Circle (Circumference)
Circle Sector (Central Area, Total Area)
Circle Sector (Central Area, Radius)
Regular Polyhedron (Area of base, Perimeter of base, Height)
Regular Pyramid (Area of base, Perimeter of base, Slant height)
Sphere (Radius)

Regular Polyhedron (Area of base, Height)
Regular Pyramid (Area of base, Slant height)
Sphere (Radius)

Apothem (Side Length, Number of Sides)
Pythagorean [Solve for C] (A, B)
Pythagorean [Solve for A] (B, C)

Get Epic Calculator on your mobile?

Epic Calculator may be available for your mobile device. The following are WebApps, and the compatible cell phones:



iTouch/iPhone http://touch.epic-calculator.com
Blackberry http://bb.epica.lc
Android http://android.epica.lc
WebOS http://webos.epica.lc

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