Epic Calculator is now on the Mobile Web!

Epic Calculator may be available for your mobile device. The following are WebApps, and the compatible cell phones:



iTouch/iPhone http://touch.epica.lc
Blackberry http://bb.epica.lc
Android http://bb.epica.lc
WebOS http://webos.epica.lc

Epic Calculator is also available for your mobile device natively!

Epic Calculator Mobile may be available for your mobile device, offline! The following are download links of the mobile app.



File type

iTouch/iPhone .ipa || .deb
Blackberry .cod & .alx
Android .apk
Symbian .app
Bada .zip

Official Application Markets (App stores)



iTunes http://epica.lc/s.php?as=itunes
Blackberry App World http://epica.lc/s.php?as=appworld
Android Market http://epica.lc/s.php?as=market

Please note that all crossed out links are unavailable because:
1. They are under development.
2. A bug/glich has been found, and an update is being created.
Thank you for your patients